“What is the meaning and purpose of life? Why was I born? Is this all that I can hope to experience in the world? Will things ever get better? Does my life have value? Can I be happy in a world gone crazy?”

The world is full of questions. At some point in every person’s life, we have to wrestle with the bigger issues of why things happen and what the purpose of life is. The problem we encounter is that we perpetually wrestle with them. Poets, songwriters, and philosophers have grappled with the issue of life’s meaning from the beginning of recorded human history. Given the continued outpouring of new songs on the radio, they haven’t found the answer yet. As Christians, we believe that the reason the world hasn’t found purpose and peace yet is because it is looking in the wrong place. The world looks to itself for answers to the reason for everything. The world looks to pleasures and distractions for hope when they only help for a limited time and leave people feeling hopeless in the long term. The answer must be something bigger than the world, or the answer would have been found already.

The Christian Faith is based on the idea that the big reason for life, the source of purpose, the hope of an afterlife, and the forgiveness of the wrongs we have done can only be found in the God who made the world. We believe that God made the world perfectly, but because of mankind’s sin the human race chose to reject its creator. However, God in His infinite love made a way that mankind could be restored to a complete relationship with Him. The way God made is found only in Jesus Christ. There is only one way to find the purpose to life and the comfort God has to offer; it is described in the Bible, which is the perfect Word of God and His practical instructions for living to those who choose to trust in Jesus for their salvation. If you haven’t heard about Jesus and why He matters, we at Bethel Baptist Church want to have the opportunity to talk to you about Him.

Please take a moment to consider these questions in your own life:

  • Do I have peace in my life?
  • If I die today, will God definitely let me into heaven?
  • Does my life have a purpose or a reason?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, please give us the chance to share how God has shown us how to live in the confidence and peace of Jesus.